Joy & Vision is a design and communication studio formed by Ana Fernández and Eva Viera, our lines of work cover various disciplines: Graphic design, web, publishing, infographics, video, video animation, naming, packaging, corporate image, creativity, conceptual ideas and art direction.

We offer a service which is not just about aesthetics, instead we adjust to the needs of the client, regarding conceptualization and realization of the project, whatever their chosen discipline.

We are inspired by nature and the city, architecture, music, social movements, contemporary dance, art and pop-culture.

Ana Fernández is a graphic designer and illustrator, graduated in Fine Arts, she studied a Master Degree in Visual Art at the Dutch ArtInstitute (The Netherlands).

Eva Viera is a photographer and video director, graduated in Fine Arts, she completed a Master Degree in Gender, and a training in multimedia, live cinema and live audiovisual installations.